Making New Friends

I was told recently that I didn’t need anymore friends. Not so. Particularly when there are so many choices to find new cool people where I hang out. My primary and most important spot in cyberspace is BlogCatalog The Premiere Social Network.

They have been working behind the scenes to improve their whole platform and just a few days ago, they came up with this brilliant way for everyone to Expose Themselves. Now before you think this is not a good thing to do, let me explain. There are a lot of people involved with blogging and very comfortable in the cyber world. However having said this, there are many newcomers, too. They want to meet people and not be left out in the cold (much like high school wallflowers), this isn’t the case on BlogCatalog. We members are always pleased to see new faces or avatars pop up. We welcome you and many of us get to know one another in the Discussions. This is a popular place to hang out. Many new bloggers or new members are sometimes shy and so by Exposing themselves, they can support the community and have a lot of people visit their site. After that the doors are open.

Just yesterday BiggJ wrote an in-depth article on the Home Page, BlogCatalog Community Blog. This is the link, so once you have finished here, you can go there for more important information “Getting Exposure For Your Blog In A Crowded Blogosphere” He did a nice write-up, too!

Plus, there are the BlogTalkRadio Shows on Thursdays, @ 4PM EST. See my side bar. Listen in and if you cannot be there then, you can always listen later on. The BlogCatalog Team is working around the clock to give us members first class treatment. They are programming with some very witty and talented people.

So in the past few days, I have made some lovely and exciting new friends. I cherish all of my friends because after a while they become more like family to me. Cheers! Sign-up today and expose yourself.


2 thoughts on “Making New Friends

  1. Nice way of making new friends. In today world we need friends to share our joys and sorrows.Nowadays we can make new friends through online.I think this is the best and fast way of making friends worldwide. Through blog catalog we can make friends online which is really nice one. I am planning to join blog catalog through which i hope to make more friends online. Thanks for such wonderful blog.

    Thank You
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