What I’ve Learned Lately

Lately I have been poetically bumping into other like-minded people. Gentle ones who wear their hearts on their sleeves. It’s all because we are a part of BlogCatalog, Fried Eggs, Half Hour Meals and BrooWaha. Luckily we were drawn to these spots where we dock within its harbors and platforms.

From the photograph today, you can see I am working downstairs as the loft gets too hot and it triggers my asthma. It only took me ten days to figure this one out, but I digress. From this point of view, my dining room table, I am able to feel sheltered, much the way I feel within the parameters of BlogCatalog. I will never, ever be able to visit all of the sites there and it’s cool to know I have so many choices. It is also wonderful to know that it is attracting more creative persons, with whom I can hold conversations, see what they are creating, and form bonds of friendship.

The BC Administration do all they can to provide us with such a place where we are embraced, welcomed and appreciated. Everyone likes to feel appreciated and even the shyest bloggers are drawn out from their shells so they can roam cyberspace without fear of ridicule and sure they will find quality work, articles, stories, travels, food, architecture, history, facts, gadgets, games, poetry, music, reviews, novels, personal growth. It’s all here and we are very fortunate that the owners truly care about our happiness.

Another point I wish to make is that during my friendship making I can see a new trend of people, who have grown up and are rediscovering themselves. Some are testing the waters in that they are traveling in a totally different direction from their day-to-day lives. I see so many people waking up and finding life is not over, but just beginning … with a wealth of experience in our cupboards and a glint in our eyes, we venture out to enjoy one another again.


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