Earthquake Coincidence?

Is it me, or is there something going on here that the average geologist hasn’t thought about yet? The recent earthquakes in Haiti, Chili and Maryland, are on the same longitude (well practically), and I think there is more here than meets the eye. Take a look at North and South America and draw your own conclusions.


5 thoughts on “Earthquake Coincidence?

  1. I wonder if girls like us think too much. I do the same thing! I have this uncanny (and very annoying) ability to pick things apart and think them to death. Now, of course, you have me thinking… 😉

    • I do think way too much! Glad you are a kindred spirit. It’s just that it cannot be just a coincidence. I would think that it is a slow aftershock, like when you pull out a block but the others do not fall … yet. Eventually they all tumble.

  2. OMG! Yes!

    I spend entirely too much time at the USGS earthquaker site. It can be scary stuff.

    Search: ‘south atlantic anomaly pole shift’


    I absolutely love this blog’s new look!!!!

  3. ECHO … This is the word which aptly describes our little earthquake. An echo from the other world shaking disasters.

    @Dow I took a look at some of the sites which were provided me, when I searched the topic you shared with me. Looks like we are already in the throes of change. Hold On!

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