Braving The Artichoke

While shopping with my husband at our local grocery chain, I told him we need to eat lots of vegetables. He agreed and as he shucked corn (I never did this in the store, I waited to do it at home), but hey, he was being Chef’s Assistant, and I was searching for that lovely eggplant. I really like it! As I was placing these purple veggies into the basket, I espied artichokes and thought yes, these will be a delicious addition. They sat beside the eggplant on the way to checkout.

I used to order artichokes and steamed spiced shrimp from The Brass Rail Saloon bar I sang at in Ocean City, MD. Of course this is years ago, but I recall the aroma of this odd-shaped food and the fun we had dipping it into the drawn butter, biting the ends off the leaves. We diligently peeled shrimp, ate the bits off the ends of our artichokes and took sips of iced cold beer. What a balanced lunch that was. This gave me the idea of fixing a vegetable I have pretty much avoided cooking. Most likely because it takes a while for them to be done and usually, unless it is a dinner with guests, I cook whirl-wind-fashion and sit down to eat. I wait too long before I take computer breaks, so I usually end up being ravenous.

Back to those artichokes. I watched a few short videos on how to clean and prepare them for eating. I found these instructional demos very useful, too. They said it would take 40-45 minutes to cook but I fear this time was too long, as the stems were crushed when I went to pull them from the boiling water. I’ll know next time.

Well, I sauteed vegetables, boiled corn on the cob and fried eggplant. This turned out to be a delight for us to eat, that is … until I mistakenly ate one of those pesky artichoke furry things. Ouch. For hours I did what I could to dislodge this prickly protrusion from the inside of my throat, and although everything was so good to eat, I fear I will have to learn again how to throughly clean these green gems of food. Using a flashlight I tried to see if I could find it, and tried gargling water, even ate two of my marshmallows (intended for my Rice Krispie Treats), to hopefully dislodge this intrusive hairy-like intruder. Argh …. as pirates say. I’ll know next time matey. I’ll know how to brave the artichoke. I have a new-found respect for my kitties and hair-balls.


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6 responses to “Braving The Artichoke

  • Melody J Haislip

    Leave those artichokes alone. They’re dangerous. The first clue is the choke in artichoke!!! Bet they were delicious, though.

  • Theresa111

    I have to say that I did not enjoy them as I had done before. I am rethinking the artichoking! 😛

  • Ladygoodwood

    Oh Theresa!!

    When I saw this post I thought oh goody! Somebody has workd out how to cook these blessed things – but you had a disaster too. I have boiled them, steamed them, wrapped in foil and cooked in a bain-marie’; I have removed outer leaves before cooking, and after cooking; I have marinaded and pickled – and they are always tough and fibrous!
    I love artichokes, I am on a quest to cook them and this year I have some growing in my veggie patch. I want soft melt-in-the-mouth leaves to dip in my butter/hollandaise and I just can’t get there. Humpf.
    Shall start a whole new quango fellowship AA – Artichokes Anonymous !

  • Karyl Risper

    Greetings! This is my 1st comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and tell you I truly enjoy reading through your blog posts. Can you suggest any other blogs/websites/forums that deal with the same topics? Many thanks!

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