His and Mine

He likes to add lots of peppers and sauces and hot sauces to whatever he eats. I on the other hand, much prefer to taste the individual flavors and eat simply. Why we are so different I’ll never know. I suppose that book “Men Are From Mars And Women Are From Venus”, makes sense. Men should be more like women, in their thinking. We would have more fun when it’s time to go shopping, or even window-shopping.

While we ate this meal we replayed “Hell’s Kitchen”, and when he noticed one of the contestants shaking around the food in the saute pan, he says ” I need to learn how to do that.” I looked over at him and much to my surprise, his eyes were still watching and I realized he was sincere. My husband has an inkling to learn how to hold a saute pan he will never cook with. Amazing. He keeps telling me “Why should I learn how to cook, when you’re so good at it?” Artfully delivered but it gets him out of the kitchen and out of the labor that goes with it.

In the next life, my partner will be a world renowned chef and I shall be his official taster.


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