Fighting The Heat

Today the temperature at Baltimore Washington Airport (BWI) hit 105º A Record High! We have been fighting off the heat and in the loft there re five skylights. I had the genius idea of buying automobile shades to help deflect the heat away. Tomorrow the temperatures will be about 102º and at least 100º by noontime. We really need rain and the weather should be cooler by Thursday, in the low 90’s, which was too hot for me, until this weather. Now 92º looks pretty good.

Just remembered. My husband put in a brand new ceiling fan. I helped by holding the flashlight and I actually screwed in three of the blades. I helped!

*Remember do not leave pets or people in cars … period, unless the air conditioner is in good condition and running. Please be careful!


6 thoughts on “Fighting The Heat

  1. Hi Theresa,
    I too am fighting the heat. I can’t even function outside ’til 9 or 10 pm. I’d rather be camping in cool mountains. That’s my favorite place to be when it’s hot.
    Hey, good for you for helping to install a fan! And maybe your hubby would like to cook more if he could do fun things with the pans. Men like toys I think.
    Also, very cool to post about our four legged friends. It’s so important to remember they can’t take heat like we can. Not at all!
    Nice to have stopped by your blog. I enjoyed the pretty pictures of your food! I’ve been trying to eat more regularly but will most likely never turn into a chef. I actually cooked a meal tonight and felt pretty proud of myself 🙂 I could go for one of those desserts in the pics of your sidebar about right now.

    • Wow, Thanks for coming by to see me. I’ll be dropping by your place, too. Yes it is so important to keep people and animals safe from the heat and not leave anyone inside a car for any length of time without the car running and the A/C going. Good to see you tried cooking because one thing leads to another. Desserts are simply made, too so don’t hesitate to try. 🙂

      • Good Morning,
        I wanted to say thank you for telling me about the site, and today I lit a candle. I really didn’t expect it to feel the same as lighting one at home but you know, actually, it felt quite powerful, in fact, I think more than if I had lit one here alone in my home. Maybe knowing there were so many other lit candles made me feel like I was in some good company. Good as in with lots of grateful people.
        Thank you. I saw the candle on your sidebar today, lit, and that you have “Bless the needy,” there.
        You are too cool!

  2. Hi there

    Just back from San Antonio where it averaged 95 degrees and 90% humidity. The locals told us it was 10 degrees cooler than usual.
    Being British, we moan about the weather big time but I honestly don’t know how people cope in that heat and humidity working outdoors.

    I am very good at holding hammers, saying things like ‘up a bit, left a bit, down a bit’. I am not very good at holding the bottom of step ladders as far too easily distracted as my husband will affirm last time i abandoned him on the roof to go answer the phone! I can however, chuck things around a sautee pan. The dogs love it when I sautee as I also chuck quite a bit on the floor too! Think I need to develop a better wrist action! 🙂

    • It really does take practice and building up of strength of the wrist to flip the food around inside the saute pan.

      I don’t know how people do it … the heat that is. I need air conditioning.

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