The Gulf, Oil And Storms

It has been reported today that Topical Storm Alex is brewing and gearing up in The Gulf of Mexico. The storm is expected to hit landfall by tomorrow and by might be strong enough to be considered a hurricane. It is thought to reach land by tomorrow night.

Everyone concerned over the recent catastrophic BP oil spill in this region are worried about the potential devastation to the coastal regions, which now will probably include oil washed ashore. Big storms and hurricanes have wreaked havoc in this region year after year and there is no telling how powerful this storm is going to be.

There are precautions that people can take, in order to be safe and to track the progression of the weather. The National Weather Center has been cited as the place to visit. It is government-run and will allow people to check on any change of the storm’s status; downgraded, upgraded, etc. It gives those linking to their site the ability to see if the storm speeds up, loses ground, or changes directions, as storms are famous for doing. Right now the projected area is near the Mexico-Texas border, which is still quite a ways from the oil spill.

BP says the storm should be far enough away from the oil spill and the oil capturing systems not to cause any damage, however there will be higher than normal waves, and they could cause some delays. The company has released employees that not essential, andthey have been evacuated from any potential harm.

Being prepared for emergencies is really important and the CDC is a good place to check out what you need to do to be ready. There you will find all you need to know in case power is interrupted in your area. Find out what you need to know before any storm hits. Remember to check on the elderly or any persons who may need your assistance to keep them safe, too.

* Resources: Photo Associated Press

“Alex Stirs Up Searches, Fears”

by Mike Krumboltz

We want BP to get this disaster cleaned up and to cease all drilling off our shores. Join BloggersUnite to write your post for The Gulf, today!


6 thoughts on “The Gulf, Oil And Storms

  1. We are so very worried about all the wildlife affected by the oil. I hope the hurricane stays far away. During hurricane season, we always have to be alert. We have been lucky the last couple of seasons and didn’t even have to put up our hurricane shutters (about a 4 hour process!).

  2. Hi, its a really sad thing thats happening out there. The oil spill has led a great danger for the environment especially for the marine and wild habitats of the gulf. I hope this issue gets resolved soon. As a blogger i have published two posts, one is about facts and another about how we can help the effected wildlife…

    best wishes.

    • It is good that we are coming together to help those in need and to bring our voices to be heard. What a tragedy for the coastal and Gulf areas. I just keep praying they stop it and then stop drilling in the oceans entirely.

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