Eggplant For Supper

I finally made Eggplant for supper and it was easy, but messy. Since I was on a veggie kick, I put together a romaine tossed salad,  and then steamed baby carrots. Sauteed Mushrooms with freshly pressed garlic sounded like a plan, so using plenty of unsalted butter and olive oil, salt and pepper, I was on my way. I tossed the carrots in a mock marriage because I love to blend flavors.

The reason I went into the kitchen at all (it’s been over 90º 17 days this month), was because it had just stormed and thankfully cooled down the temperature, if only temporarily. I took advantage of this and got coking. I dare not turn on the oven until Wednesday when temperatures will cool down considerably. I hope the severe thunderstorms will not show up because I have to unplug the computer. It is a sauna outside!

Our dinner was so good my husband ate two full plates of food. It’s good they were all vegetables. No dessert today, there’s always Wednesday, besides there are fresh berries in the refrigerator for later on.

I was inspired by Jurate, a Half Hour Meals Member. You can find so many delicious recipes there prepared by many of BlogCatalog Members that love to cook.


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