New Shoes

Go ahead and try them on for size. They don’t really fit you say? It must be that we have become sedentary and fixed in our everyday lives that we forget to do new things. Reach out. It’s time to grow.

Stepping out into a new place is uncomfortable until you get the hang of things. It is important to realize that every time you challenge yourself into doing something different, that there will be hurdles and  learning curves. Why wait? Dust off your dreams and make a few new ones. It isn’t too late. All you need is a belief in the outcome and allow your feet to walk in accord with your heart. Sure … it might be strange at first and you might even fall down, but if you apply yourself and walk into your future, you will be proud that you stepped out … even when the shoes looked too big.


8 thoughts on “New Shoes

  1. I wish that I could be brave enough to do so. There have been times that I have like getting over my fear to go to the US Open but it never gets easier like people say it will. I try to give myself credit for doing this and going to some concerts but my brain gets stuck on the negatives like the stress and my many screw ups.

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