Candles Wax & Wings

Candles Wax & Wings


Inside castle walls

Protecting young wizards

Owl wings extended

Etched with the light

Of candles which

Had burned down low

Hot wax dripped upon

Wax already cold


Theresa H Hall, June 24, 2010


5 thoughts on “Candles Wax & Wings

  1. I loved the imagery inferred by your poem. In my mind I can see the new wax on cold wax. I can see the edges of the wings illuminated by the flickering candle light..

    I love the picture of the candle and the poem..Very nice.

  2. Very nice poem. I wish that I could be that creative. I did write some when I was younger but they aren’t that good. Thanks for becoming one of my followers. Have a great day.

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