Martha Stewart’s CupCakes

Martha Stewart’s cookbook, “CUPCAKES”, has to be the most comprehensive book about cupcakes I have ever seen. I purchased this book ten months ago and placed it with the few cookbooks I own. Because I was engrossed with many things over the past year,  the other day  was the first chance I had to discover the contents. I decided to take a good long look. While I was turning the pages and looking over recipes I was amazed by the extent and in-depth variety of this subject. It was like a cupcake dream come true.

Everything Martha does, she does it to the best of her ability. Some of you will complain that there are many people who for her work behind the scenes, and I understand this. However, it is Martha’s approval they need, her final stamp to brand it her own. If her name goes on a product you may rest assured that it is top notch and of high quality.

I urge you to get a copy of this book for your cookbook shelves, because you’ll never need another and you will be ever so glad you did. For the cooks and bakers in your life, you wouldn’t go wrong giving this as a gift to be treasured for decades.


3 thoughts on “Martha Stewart’s CupCakes

  1. I’ll have to take a look at this book at B&N soon. The ones from these pictures look good. I haven’t baked in a very long time. I always preferred cupcakes over cakes. Sorry that I put 2 comments for your bread post – I didn’t think it got accepted the first time.

  2. That’s fine Lara. You will love this book because it has everything you’ll ever need to know about this subject contained within the front and back covers. 😀

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