Start With Cereal

Starting the day today with 6 ounces of orange juice, A mug of coffee and a small bowl of cereal. It was delicious and now with my smile on my face, I am ready to face the day. I hope you have a day filled with goodness and some old-fashioned fun thrown in. Do something good for someone and let go of anything troubling you. Focus on what you can do to make this a better world.


2 thoughts on “Start With Cereal

  1. That is exactly the sort of breakfast I like…..(followed by bacon, egg, hash browns, baked beans, not tomatoes, coffee (lots of it) toast marmalade….(a second helping of the lot) indigestion, feeling too full…

    Wish I kept it to the cereal


  2. @soulmerlin I’m with you on liking a warm breakfast, except for me it would be tomatoes yes, baked beans, no. I’m more likely to eat a bowl of cereal as dessert after dinner. in fact, every once in a while I’ll have bacon and eggs for dinner. It makes a tasty and satisfying meal any time really. Sorry, Theresa, for wandering so far from your cereal.

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