Eat More Salad

Salad can consist of any combination of fresh greens, fruits and salad fixings. The important thing is to eat a salad almost everyday. You’ll have more energy, it is good for your skin and promotes brain power. Just do it and feel the results.


4 thoughts on “Eat More Salad

  1. Followed your tweet to here AND yes I agree a salad a day breakfast, lunch or dinner is a must! Just closing for the night to have my late night bite 😉

  2. I’ve jumped the Brownies…I don’t like desserty things too much…but salad is great!

    don’t tell me it’s good for me, or I’ll stop eating it (I’m a Brit remember – chip butties and warm beer)


  3. Yes, a salad a day is a good day. The photo of the salad is the type of salad that makes my mouth water.. My appetite for this type of salad started many years ago when I was served spinach, with thinly sliced pear pieces, walnuts, shaved parmesan cheese drizzled with a sweet balsamic vinegar.. Yum … I agree a fruit sald works for breakfast.. Thanks

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