Hells’ Kitchen 7

I found this fascinating quote today:

As Chef Gordon Ramsey says, he’s not looking for the person with the most experience, he’s searching for the person with the most heart, one who has a palate like his and can produce spectacular food that will please him. It has to be right. You cannot convince this Chef by meandering about the kitchen, making excuses, not being a team player, or never stepping up to the plate to lead your team. You must be passionate and determined to win.blogcatalog.com, BlogCatalog, Jun 2010

You should read my whole article.


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2 responses to “Hells’ Kitchen 7

  • Frank Brinkman

    Chef Ramsey was looking for a chef to cook “his” way. A new chef has to come at the bottom working for an established chef. They must be able to please their “master”, yet maintain their own independence. Their passion for their own style and taste is controlled until they cannot stand it and they quit to move on. I have been watching a young chef for almost 10 years from his first job and his movements from job to job. I have no doubt he will be a famous chef one day. He has the passion and skill. He is learning the management and interpersonal skills required to be successful. I enjoy seeing his skills develop and the changes in his food as his tastes, skills, and passion increase.

    This scenario is transferable to most work environments. One enters the workforce with talent and some experience working for others that has superior skill and experience. Passion and personal desire is subjugated. Little by little as responsibilities are added we are enabled to endulge our passion and ways of doing things or our tastes. Then, we are responsible for new employees. We have to learn to lead and train people to follow our “passion” to produce a product. It is in replicating our “passion” through others when success occurs.

    For forty-one years I lived this parable. I have seen and sent a lot of newbe’s out of the “kitchen” and have been thrown out of a few myself. Thank you for this post. It brought back memories..

  • soulMerlin

    You should taste my peanut butter sandwiches! Seriously though, I’m a total dingbat in the kitchen – but I love good food and I spend far too much money in restaurants.

    My favourite dish is a rare steak with new potatoes and garden peas…absolutely no sauces, salt or anything else to disguise the natural taste

    The best steak I ever had was in a humble establishment in Glasgow..the worst in an expensive eatery in Lake District recently. I considered asking for a chainsaw instead of a steak knife…but I’m a polite guy (wimp?) I will never go back.


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