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In The Food Section of Today’s Washington Post Newspaper, I read a special article by Matt Coates. He wrote to alert us to the fact that most area stores in Washington, DC, and across the nation are having a pumpkin problem. He added that due to the high percentage of rain in the Illinois region, the pumpkin patches are in dire straits. Too much rain and not enough sunshine and heat so far this year, and the last production was dismal. One local store manager even went to far as to write a note to his shoppers, that the major brand Libby’s has run out of this prized pumpkin. “Libby’s Pumpkin Out Till 2010 Harvest” is greeting would be canned pumpkin lovers.

His whole article includes more data from the Libby manufacturer spokesperson and it is very interesting. So keep your fingers crossed that this summer will be warm and not too rainy, and that when seeds are planted two weeks from today, that the yield will be really very plentiful.

It is suggested to plant your pumpkin seeds on June 15th, in order for the seeds to produce a good pumpkin. I ask you, what would we do without pumpkin pie?

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