I’m Ready For Seconds

So as you can tell, we did go to the first showing of Sex and The City 2. Honestly, I have waited to see this ever since I walked out of the Regal Cinema two years ago. I remember getting into my car, starting it up, blasting the air-conditioner and thinking, “Wow, I wonder if they will make a sequel.”  Well, they did and it took them two years to release number 2. It was worth the wait and without giving anything away, I will say that the part I least enjoyed was where the writer and director made Samantha look too overboard in her persona and obvious rebellion. That is one part I would have re-written. Since the movie is set in the Middle Eastern region, most us us were already bringing our shoulders up to our ears, sliding down in our seats and thinking, “Oh boy, Samantha really won’t fit into their society where “women are not to be seen or heard, outside of the home”. We were correct in dreading the inevitable moment when Samantha “clashed” with these Titans.

It wasn’t hard to become engrossed in the high fashion these ladies and their cast were donning throughout the entire film. The designer showed us why going to lunch in the desert, via posh sedans and camel rides, took three outfits each for the foursome. The hair and makeup crew were working overtime and even the hotel staff was dressed in equally impressive uniforms. Really chic, very expensive and super classy.

While the action was ongoing, it was difficult to look away from the women and the way they handled themselves and posed for us. So, nice surprise for me, when I purchased our tickets (My husband was parking the car), I ended up with a FREE MOVIE TICKET! This will be used so I can go see the movie again, and this time I will be paying particular attention to the background scenery. I intend to catch the expressions on the faces of the other characters and their reactions to these gorgeous women. The men are really handsome as well and BIG is ooh … even Bigger than ever. He and Carrie make such a good couple.

For any of you who have watched the coming attractions, you’ll already know that Carrie runs into Aiden, her former lover, in the middle of the market. What a coincidence! He looks smashing and deeply tanned. That’s all I’ll say about that, but I want to see it again.

I’ll admit that I liked the movie and will see it a few times before I purchase the DVD. The story line wasn’t strong as the first film, but it’s our four friends and their lives, their guys, and sometimes, with all the crazy things happening in the world today, we should allow ourselves to get Carried Away. Go see SATC2 and have some fun.

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5 responses to “I’m Ready For Seconds

  • Deray

    Did you love when they show the girls in the past? It was hilarious! I thought the story-line of the movie was ok, the fashion fabulous and the movie in general very very funny ;-).

  • Theresa111

    I loved it but I did not care for the way the writers make Samantha so totally out of control. Hormone therapy, or the lack thereof was taken beyond the limit. I am going to see it over and over, though.

  • Ladygoodwood

    Okay – here goes…. I have NEVER watched Sex and the City! (TV show or a movie) don’t even know what it’s about.
    Dynasty/Dallas for the 21st century?

    Suspect i am living a sheltered life LOL

  • Theresa111

    Set in NYC the city is what hold these four friends together. There’s something so exceptional about this city that make you love it or want to get as far away from it as possible. It literally has everything, except desert and alien inspired monuments.

    These four friends are modern women who face just about every challenge women face. They each are different and yet they get to have a voice and their point of view.

    There is the on-going romance between BIG and Carrie. This is the main romance most of us are drawn to, but Miranda, Charlotte and even Samantha, have their troubles and triumphs with love.

    If you have Netflix in the UK you can rent the series and get to meet these characters that are so well received here and around the world. SATC film was outstanding and SATC2 is a sequel that well … wasn’t as good, although it was highly anticipated. HBO picked a winner. Not to mention the fashion designer who dresses them.

  • Theresa111

    my s key is strangely not … oh well!

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