Neat Clutter

I was talking about all of the Post-it stickies I have all over my desk yesterday and a little while ago, my eye caught sight of this lovely Chicago coffee mug, which as given to me by a former and dear work colleague. I liked it so well that I decided a few years back to keep in on my desk, so I would be able to look at it and think about all of the good laughs we had together.

At some point I must have agreed with myself to use it as a handy pencil and pen holder, and not as a drinking container. From time- to-time, I find that I will grab a writing tool only to discover it no longer works. Instead of discarding the unusable item, I place it back into the mug and continue my frantic search until I have found one that still writes. Along the way, I have added a few other items to my mug, even squeezed them in, because I can look at them, too. I guarantee if you tried to write with more than half of these pencils or pens, you would soon find they don’t work.

The question remains: Why do I not toss them out? I don’t know. I even paper clipped a few doodles I well … doodled back in June 2002. My pass to BBC 2003 and the memory of where I drank tea with milk. No, I didn’t want the milk but the receptionist insisted. Terrible experience for one who only drinks plain tea, but the London excursion, business for the husband and fun for me, is another reason this souvenir is in my coffee mug. I am a collector of mementos and freely admit to still having my old boyfriend’s love letters and photos, too. I did warn my husband I would never get rid of those. He’s not concerned.

I have my personal treasure troves and memories. I take them out and dust them off sometimes, and you may be certain I shall never toss those away. I’ll think about the non-working writing utensils … but that’s it!


2 thoughts on “Neat Clutter

  1. I agree (almost) totally) I have pens and pencils that refuse to write, or are worn out….sometimes I ‘sharpen’ pencils by picking away wood with my fingernails….but I don’t throw them out.

    “Clutter” lies in the attitude of people to what is valuable or memorable about their past. Today people are co-ersed (sp) to throw lots of stuff away…and I think many regret it further down the line.

    Don’t know about the damn pencils tho…


  2. I like how you arranged all these knickknacks-it makes a colorful display. There’s something artistic about useless things, since they serve no other purpose than to be there.(I’ll have to work up an aphorism from that thought.) Me, however, I’m a compulsive thrower-outer. I hate clutter, and love to see vast deserts of space all around me.

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