What My Postman Delivered!

What an exceptional and lovely surprise! Chef Clive Berkman, author of “Empty Bottle Moments”, was so generous to send me a copy of his cookbook. Recently, I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing and getting to know more about him. You can read the interview on BlogCatalog’s Blog. We had a good time together and I cannot wait to grab my reading glases and see what’s inside. Thanks Chef!


5 thoughts on “What My Postman Delivered!

  1. Congratulations !

    It looks so nice when an author/artist himself gifts you his master piece, particularly, a gift that holds his signatures as well.

    Best Wishes.

  2. I read up to page fifty yesterday and his story is co compelling and well written. I even had tears come to my eyes a few times. The recipes are varied and top notch! I recommend this cookbook.

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