Pink HandFish

This is one fish that won’t be on the menu. Since the fish is pink, I like to think of her as a pretty cute fish. Found only in the Australian Seas, close to Tasmania, this sea creature might not have her sea legs, but she definitely has her sea hands. Look, she is using them to walk along the reefs. Click on the photograph to see if it will enlarge. It appears that she might be using her bottom fins to help balance her, much as we use our feet, and the nose shape looks eerily human, and the lips, well looks as if she would like to give us a kiss. I think she is fabulous! Here is the latest news.


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3 responses to “Pink HandFish

  • soulMerlin

    That is incredible. She looks like a missing link between us and them. It’s easy to see how we evolved from the ocean.

    Is she a ‘she’ or is it a term for ocean life…as in ships?


  • Theresa111

    Hello SoulMerlin! Happy to see you again.

    She as in pretty in pink, she.

  • August Mayfield

    Hey Theresa,

    Please don’t hate me for saying this… but I thought the fish looked quite scary. It’s the sort of fish I’d hate to be chased by in my dream. I’d wake up in a frantic sweat!

    I guess you have to see the beauty in everything so the beauty I see is in those kissable lips. Who can resist a nice smacker on the mouth?

    August :o)

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