Costal Italy

I would love to sit here and watch the water. I really love the rocks and the soft hues of the sea. It feels like a safe place to be and the light grayish-green against the light turquoise draws me in. I feel as if I could jump into the water and not be afraid of sea creatures.


One thought on “Costal Italy

  1. Have been to Italy many times. This picture looks like north west coast where it is more shelving. I agree, the sea looks lovely.

    Italy supposedly has the most panoramic road in the world – it winds around the Bay of Naples, through Portofino and down to Sorrento. The road hugs into the cliffs and at times can be rather scary. However, it is the deepest blue sea I have ever seen and tiny fishing villages hug the coast with the houses built actually into the rocks.

    I love being close to the sea and am grateful to live on an island where I can reach the coast in a 20 minute drive.

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