Raindrops On Roses

Ever give any thought as to the amount of work it takes for one flower to bloom? As soon as I saw this white rose, I thought of a ballerina prancing and twirling across a lake. The droplets of water brought to mind a beautiful long-neck swan gliding in the sunlight. There is precision, balance, joy and elegance combined in this five inch wide expression. I would call it perfection in her glory. A work of art. More exotic than Cleopatra and more stunning than Mona Lisa.

Intensely intricate in the shading of whites and the beads of water are resting on petals, as if someone had placed them there. Its fragrance would be sweet and the softness warmed by the rays of the far away sun. There is the possibility it is also a home, albeit short-lived, for whisper-light insects that drink the flower’s nectar and sleeps down inside, lying protected for a few days relief. What a surreal place to call home.


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8 responses to “Raindrops On Roses

  • eyewitness

    Wonderful flower and beautiful description.

    Thank you so much.

  • Spirit

    Hello, this is my first visit to your little nook on the net and I’m glad I came. Found your link via BlogCatalog. The name of your blog enticed me but it was your writing that truly pulled me in. If beauty is really in the eye of the beholder then you must surely have a beautiful soul to perceive it so fully from what some might think a simple thing. To find whispers in the wind and story tellers in the dying embers of a flame once blazing- seeing the world this way is an often forgotten art.

    I’m glad to see it’s not lost entirely. 🙂 Happy writing from one spirit to another.

    P.S. Gorgeous words.

  • David

    “Ever give any thought as to the amount of work it takes for one flower to bloom?” – That pulled me up. Nice to think about it.

    Love the kitten-hug photo.

  • Melody J Haislip

    “Whisper-light insects”, that’s so beautiful, and so is the picture and so is every word of your beautiful post. You just get better all the time. Thank you for sharing.

  • Theresa111

    My heart and soul get the better of me most of the time.

    When I was a tiny girl, perhaps five years old, my big sisters and brother had reign over my world. They taught me, read to me, embraced me, scolded me, pushed me on the swings, played with me and held my small hands in order to protect me. Many days we would go for walks and they were patient in answering my usual questions of, Why this, and what’s that?, all to my great pleasure, they taught me to stop and not only smell the flowers, but to examine even blades of grass intently, too. They taught me to appreciate the beauty and respect the intelligence. So, I shall thank each of them, my siblings, who gave me the gift of intent, sharing, the presence of mind to continue practicing and incorporating these things throughout my lifetime, and for not ignoring my inquisitive mind.

  • thefallenmonkey

    Ah, could this be any lovelier? Just when I thought nothing could be more dazzling than that delicate white rose bedecked in dew, there came your enchanting words. Theresa, reading your post just now was joyful. Utterly joyful.

  • Theresa111

    You know I cannot resist the sock monkey. Thank you for your nice words.

  • LaraAnn

    this is such a beautiful photo and I love the way that you wrote about it. You were lucky to have such supportive siblings. My brother mostly teased me about alot of things and since the early 90s seems to get a kick out of putting me down.

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