May 8th Help Stamp Out Hunger

Everybody grab a clean brown grocery bag, and go through your cupboards to choose some (check the expiration dates), non-perishable foods to leave for your postal carrier. Tomorrow they will pick up and deliver these bags of food items to a local shelter or food bank in your area.

This is a way to help your community and allow another family to appreciate their Mother this Mother’s Day, with something good to eat. Who knows? Perhaps your very own next door neighbor is having trouble making ends meet, and could use a helping hand. Reach out, extend practical help and enjoy your weekend. Thanks for reading.


5 thoughts on “May 8th Help Stamp Out Hunger

  1. Theresa111, I appreciate your suggestions. I am glad to see someone thinking for those in need of food.
    I can expect such posts at your blog.
    Keep reminding!

  2. The picture of the mother cat hugging the kitten is priceless. I shared two cans of food with the hungry today. Happy Mother’s Day to all!

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