Theresa’s Gently Scrambled Eggs

There’s nothing I dislike more than bad odors, overcooked food and I also give equal attention to under-cooked, or improperly cook food, like still raw chicken, for example. This morning while I was having my cup of coffee, I decided to watch a video about classical music, which Angie had so generously provided. I decided to stop the video and prepare my Gently Scrambled Eggs. Since the site I was on (FriedEggs) was making me hungry, I quickly performed an exercise I have known about, since the age of ten. I enjoyed the music and my lovely eggs.

My downstairs neighbor and fifth grade classmate, Laura Crowne, invited me over. When I arrived the lovely Madame Crowne was preparing breakfast. She was so refined, gentile, beautiful and generous a lady, I could not resist it when she invited me to join them to share their meal. She waved us close to her stove and then she entertained us girls by teaching us how to cook the perfect scrambled eggs. I already knew how to cook a scrambled egg by watching my sister fix omelets, but I soon discovered that I had it all wrong.

Madame scrambled the fresh eggs in a large mixing bowl and beat them until they were frothy. She put a large tablespoon of butter into the skillet and we could hear it start to sizzle and bubble. She demonstrated to pour the blended eggs into the heated pan, before the butter could turn any darker than a golden yellow. She said the eggs would not taste as good if the butter was allowed to cook any darker.

She picked up her wooden spoon while holding the handle of the skillet with a pot holder. She pulled the spoon from the outer edge of the pan toward the middle and kept doing this all around the pan. Pretty soon there was a light mound of yellow eggs in the center and she repeated these steps, until it was time to flip the eggs over, and she also reduced the heat to low. The wooden spoon was her tool she used it to move and prod the food and ensure it was not browning, and that there was not any of the eggs left uncooked. She turned the eggs onto the platter, and we eagerly sat down to eat. They were the finest tasting eggs I had ever put into my mouth. From that day forward I have prepared eggs just as she did all those years ago. In fact, I cannot cook eggs without thinking of the beautiful memory she gave to us.

* Click HERE to see and hear the video Angie uploaded. *

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