Forbidden Love Child

A few days ago I wrote about my two onions getting it on in my kitchen. Well I was going to try to pass this guy off as their love child, but then I noticed he is really a squash. After I mended his right leg with Elmer’s Glue, I decided to let him make his appearance anyway.

I sliced a piece of my chocolate raspberry torte` this morning, to eat while I worked and drank my coffee. We had to get up at the crack of dawn, because my husband was taking the automobile into CARMAX for repairs. I was so good not to have eaten any of yesterday’s dessert. I waited until after I gave him a rather large piece to take with him.

It took me two hours of very tiny bites to finish this unconventional breakfast. To describe what it tastes like, I shall go as far as saying that it is like eating the center ganache`, or the soft chocolate part of a truffle`. No lie! I could hardly eat it because it is that rich. I cannot wait to share it with my neighbors who, by the way, love it when I bring them little treats to eat. It’s good but it could be death by chocolate were we to eat it all ourselves. Ghirardelli isn’t messing about.

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