Sharing Dinner WIth Friends

Getting together with friends is such a cherished time in this busy world because we are usually working, or as our friends are doing, raising their families and dashing from one meeting to another event. We found it had been over a year since we had sat down to enjoy a meal.

We looked forward to their arrival, cleaning up and organizing, cooking the night before and into Sunday. Joe and I even made a triple chocolate cream pie, with a secret ganache layer sandwiched in-between the crust and filling. When we brought that out we heard oohs of appreciation. The flavors paired nicely with the Zinfandel wine cooler they had brought to share. Now we have yet another way to drink this wine.

What was so cool, was that Orville got to lay down some lead guitar tracts on Joe’s new CD, while Virginia and I got to talk, catch up and watch a little bit of a DVD. We decided that now their son is in college, that we will be doing this at least once a month. We have been friends for so many years and now that there is more free time, we can enjoy more treasured times and meals together.

Breaking bread and catching up, like we used to do before we all got married. Nice.


2 thoughts on “Sharing Dinner WIth Friends

  1. Okay, the beautiful loaves of home made bread got me. Good food and dear friends – pure delight. There is nothing better.. Thank you for sharing. Triple chocolate cream pie yummy..

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