Sneaky Eats

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I heard some muttering and a clanking of kitchen things. Could be Monseiur, my Chef Cat, who knows where the cans, dry food and treats are stored. He is always underfoot come mealtime and tries to will the cupboard door open when he stares directly at it. Pulling myself off the comfy sofa I walk quietly into the kitchen to see if I could catch him with his huge body half in and halfway out of the food storage. I glanced beneath the dining room table as I went and there he was sitting quietly, ears perked and head turned a little to the side, listening. Clang. There we both heard it.

My hand flipped the light switch on and nothing. No one was there. The only thing different was the position of the two large onions, that I had left on top of the stove earlier. They were now on the marble I use to roll out my dough, atop the counter. “How did they get there?” I wondered. “What was that green vegetable fluff on top of one of the vegetables, it wasn’t there before?”

I came to the conclusion that when I am not looking and failed to cook my vegetables in a timely manner, they get up to all sorts of mischief. Looks like some hanky-panky  has been going on because now my female onion is going to have a little one. I say, eat those veggies quickly before they turn out the lights in your kitchen. Before they turn into sneaky eats.


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