The Freedom To Just Be

As I travel around cyber space and meet writers and bloggers from around the globe I find there is an important factor which many of us tend to gloss over, or never think of. When we are reading someone’s blog or seeing their art, poetry, humor or food, we only see what they want us to see. It isn’t a bad thing, and it shouldn’t matter that we writers and creators of blogs worry about the what IF’s.

What if someone I know finds out I am blogging? What if someone learns I have depression? What if someone learns I have gray hair? What if someone I dated finds out where I hang out in cyber space? What if someone tells a secret about me, or whatever? Here in cyber space we all should be allowed the freedom to just be. Be ourselves without the niggling fears that usually accompany social gatherings, where we can be seen and are usually misjudged.

As a blogger I have things about me which I feel are private and is no ones concern. I refuse to be intimidated by wondering about the what IF’s. So my advice to anyone reading this is to feel free. Be creative. Be whatever you have longed for in your heart, and make sure you accept others the way you wish to be accepted.

I just read about a writer who felt they had portrayed them self as living an idyllic childhood where everything was perfect. The writer was concerned that it was exhausting keeping up appearances. My advice to this blogger was to relax and let it all out, reminding them that everyone looks for approval.

Everyone … be at peace with who you are and stop trying to hide your blemishes. Out here in cyber space … we love you warts and all. Cheers!


About Theresa H Hall

As a professional vocalist. licensed broadcaster, artist, published poet, lyricist, writer, essayist, critic, animal lover and budding pastr View all posts by Theresa H Hall

One response to “The Freedom To Just Be

  • Vivi-Mari

    Nicely written, Theresa! Too often I feel scared about being in the public eye, it can stress me quite a lot. I started an anonymous blog recently about things that are important to me but I don’t feel okay about not showing who I am… paradox! It’s so different for each one of us. Nonehteless, blogging is a lovely invention.

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