Photo Booth Excursion

This is the real me. not a stitch of makeup, my hair was dyed the wrong color two weeks ago and I need to exercise. I hope you still love me. See … this is the reason I don’t like taking photographs. I look backwards from how I see myself (hard at work), in the reflective screen of my iMac. Sometimes I look cool but at others I have some goofy expression on my face. I am doing this in order to make myself stick to a healthy meal regime and to exercise. Like many Americans I too am over weight and I don’t like it. They tell you to love yourself and I do but … I wish I looked like I used to.

Here is a photo of me holding my niece when she was but two weeks old. I wrote a post about her five days ago. She is so cute, too. Wouldn’t you know I was blinking when my sister was snapping the shot.

The last one was when I was home after being on tour and Little Miss Rachael was hanging out with me and Bert the Bear.

What I am doing is co-creating a new me for this upcoming summer. Deadline is June 21st! Stop over at Half Hour Meals and grab yourself something special to prepare today! Don’t wait … just go. 🙂  Ooh and read my post today on their home page. Cool. Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!


5 thoughts on “Photo Booth Excursion

  1. I started a healthy life at the start of the year too. I read a fabulous book by Donna Aston to get me into it, she’s a professional body builder in Australia, who went from an over-weight 20 year old into world champion in body building. What is so special about her is that she did an extensive study to good nutrition to do that, instead of following some weird Atkinson diet or what ever is out there. She is a true inspiration, and if you can get your hands on one of her books such as Fat or Fiction or Body Business, I do recommend them whole heartedly! She’ll make sure you burn fat instead of loosing muscle weight, and eat good Real Food. Can’t speak too highly of her!

  2. Dear Theresa, I am glad that you are thinking of yourself. We must all be our own best friends. I too am going to try and drop a few pounds. We can work together and post healthy and tasty food. ( But sometimes we can treat ourselves ) Life is short. As Bill Murray said in, What About Bob, “baby steps”. They do lead to a life change.
    Blessings and Hugs, Catherine

  3. Sweet Catherine, Yes, it is time to step up the healthy recipes and the exercise. I have “Tony Gazelle”. Perhaps if you have something to use, too. we could phone each other and do a work out via phone. My sister and I do it sometimes.

  4. You look pretty! My Mommeh is not brave enough to post a picture without any makeups. My Mommeh has been trying to lose about 10 pounds for a long time; now that she started working, she has already lost about 7 pounds! I guess being anxious about starting a new job is good for weight loss.

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