Precious Cargo

She looks like sleeping beauty and it’s lovely to know that the gift we surprised her with today, is a success! Little Miss Rachael, our niece, is resting serenely on her brand new, “Total Body Pregnancy Pillow”, by, Boppy. It is shaped like a gigantic letter “C”, which has just the correct amount of puffiness for her head and her knees, plus provides good support for her back and cradles the baby, too.

We got her two of them so she can keep one at home and take one when she visits family and friends. It came with a nice plastic carrying bag, complete with handle. It is good to know she will be able to rest without tossing and turning. All mothers-to-be need lots of quality rest.

She was the flower girl at our wedding and she still looks like she did then, but all grown up. She’s carrying precious cargo and we want her to be as comfortable as possible. We love you Sweetie!


7 thoughts on “Precious Cargo

    • There are also much smaller pillows for the baby and new mother that breastfeeds her infant. It makes it stress-free. Click the link because I just happened on this web site when I was looking for the pregnancy pillow.

  1. Dear Theresa, That pillow looks like a great idea for anyone. It sounds so comfortable. I wish your niece all the best. Blessings to her and her newly expected angel.

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