Sharing Works

Sharing a Drop, originally uploaded by Roeselien Raimond.

When we take a portion of what we have been provided and give it to another it is called sharing. Sharing works. It really does.

We received a letter in yesterday’s post, from Catholic Relief Services. It was to thank us for our contributions toward the relief in Haiti. It went on to tell us how our donations help them to assist the needy.

Here is some of the transcript:

“One example of the importance of our donor’s support can be found in reports coming out of Haiti. A young girl with an injured arm is able to smile after being treated at CRS-supported St. Francois de Sales, the oldest hospital in Port-au-Prince. The hospital was heavily damaged by the earthquake, but CRS helped buy fuel for the hospital, recruited volunteers, procured an ambulance and brought in truckloads of medicine.”

In another part of the globe, CRS donor gifts help impoverished people like a widow named Sipho in Zimbabwe. when a CRS project started, Sipho had no livestock of her own, so she was very excited to select one pregnant goat and two chickens at a CRS-supported livestock fair. She recently announced to us, with great pride, “For the first time, my children and I drank milk from our own cow. Now I have three cows to my name. I no longer qualify for vulnerable group feeding or general feeding. My children now eat healthy food as we are getting about a gallon of milk from the cow per day.” And those are just two examples of the power your gifts to CRS among millions around the world.”

“Thank you for reaching out to those in need. Your gifts are truly a godsend.”

Ken Hackett

As busy as they are helping others all over the globe, but especially in Haiti, Africa and now Chili, they took the time to thank us for what we have shared. It made us feel good to know that our portions shared really works for those who need it.

Please visit Catholic Relief Services and see the good they do every day and consider sharing some of your portion.


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