Unite For Iran’s Human Rights!

Here in the United States, the woman pictured in this photograph would be respected, listened to, not required to tread gently around the delicate sensibilities of the male dominate ego, allowed the right to better education and a true political voice.

Tyrants are usually such little men, aren’t they? They should never be allowed to be in charge of any country and I don’t care about traditions. They are insecure male traditions. We need to remove them from power and replace them with women.

I do not mean to go willy-nilly into a country and hurt the innocent people, or wreck their country, I mean remove these dictators and put them into jails to be tried by world courts. They commit crimes against humanity and should be held accountable.

This is supposed to be an advanced world but I see chaos all around the globe and you know what fellows? We women are sick of it! I stand with my fellow bloggers to ask that the so called leader of Iran step down, and elect a women to run the country. Bring equality to the region and stop oppressing the females, children, elderly and some of the men, too. Equality for all … but put a woman in charge.


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