Keep Supporting Haiti

Please click to enlarge the photos and read these articles, which can be found in The February edition of Parish TimesNewspaper. Haitian relief is something that Catholic Relief Services has been giving for more than 50 years, and they will continue doing so. They need our help to keep providing for these deserving people. Figure out what you can do without, every week, and keep giving to help millions of people who are desperate for food, water, medicine, and everything else. The little they had was destroyed.

If you prefer to donate in a non-denominational way, please visit and click the buttons in their left side bar. Little donations add up to a whole lot. Please be generous and if you pray, then I beseech you to continue to keep praying. Try putting yourself in their place, if only for a few minutes. Imagine how humbling this has been and the desperation of those faces trying to survive. they really need us. Won’t you please help?


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