Calling All Cat Lovers

and the caption reads ….. “Little Kalahari was found in a roadside zoo, in South Carolina. His paws were burned from chemicals, his toes crushed. Someone had tried to beat him to death and crushed his spine and broke his ribs; bones poking through at odd angles. He was malnourished, dehydrated, and the concrete water container was full of feces. They had wanted to kill him, but they didn’t succeed. He was barely hanging on, and his labored breathing came, weakened and raspy.” There were fourteen big cats that were found that day and thankfully rescued. They couldn’t afford to take more big cats, but they couldn’t leave them there in their tiny cages, knee-deep in filth!

They were rescued and taken to a sanctuary in Tennessee called  Tiger Haven, whose motto is: “Because they are here. And we don’t want to see a world without them.”

Well I don’t want to see a world without them either and it saddens me to no end, when I open my mailbox to find envelope after envelope asking for help. We are concerned citizens of the world and I cannot stand by without asking people to visit their site to find out more about how the king of the jungle has been sorely degraded and brought to this. They have 285 Big Cats … all rescues! And it takes $348,000.00 a year, just to feed them, and that doesn’t include veterinary care. These animals were terribly abused and if we all come together and donate a little then they will be able to continue this work in providing a safe haven. Visit and please donate because every single penny helps make a difference!


This isn’t the only atrocity. Lately, there are the seals in Canada … The hunting is about to begin. Boycott all Canadian seafood import until they stop clubbing baby seals! Go online and IFAW Help stop the killing of baby seals.


The other night I clicked the little purple button, The Animal Rescue Site,on my sidebar, because clicking it and then clicking the button at the site, helps provide food to help feed cats and dogs. It only takes a few moments and it doesn’t cost me anything. But the other night, I glanced down to see their sidebar, on the left side, and a picture of a very sad beagle’s face. Please Help Buddy. I clicked and I wept, for like thirty minutes. I donated to Bidawee to help him, too. You can see his story and you’ll understand.


Just how mad is this world? How utterly depraved and horrible certain individuals are. How ugly and cruel. I shake my head and believe me when I say that this meanness brings out the vigilante in me, and were I a sword wielding, shotgun carrying woman, I would deliver swift justice to those freaks! I actually see RED!

I was unable to blog in early December for Animals Rights along with my blogging community I am pleased to say this community is always busy helping our world in taking a stand to better the world. This is my post for this cause. To get people to treat animals with dignity and respect. Please donate what you can and feel better … like you have improved our world. Together we do make a difference!

BloggersUnite International Animal Rights Day Dec 10 2009


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