What I Cooked Tonight


Healthy Dinner

I cooked orzo 5 min and threw in the angel hair pasta for the last 5 min. Steamed sliced carrots about 15 minutes, drained and drenched them in butter, salt, pepper and dill weed.  These were thrown on last. In the interim, I sliced mushrooms, lemons, oranges, halved grape tomatoes, sliced cucumbers and sauteed them in some olive oil and salt. Toward the end, I tossed in some red seedless grapes. I did not get the french bread I wanted because I knew the pasts dish and brownies with ice cream would be plenty. Really delicious.

For lots of great tasty and fast recipes, please visit Half Hour Meals, where I am one of their featured writers.


One thought on “What I Cooked Tonight

  1. I dunno about the grapes?
    I looked @ the Iowa Pork Tenderloin, that looked excellent.
    BTW I am having a package dinner tonight. Anything else would actually be wasted as I have a hideous sore throat.

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