To The Point

There’s nothing I enjoy writing with more than a number 2 pencil that has had its end sharpened to a finely chiseled point. I sometimes roll this instrument in a circular direction, first to the right, reverse, and then to the left. When it feels just right, I apply fingers adeptly, assume a writing pose and move my pencil down, until it touches the paper.

As soon as I move the end across the page, leaving newly created strokes, I take in the slight aroma of lead at work. After a few sentences, it is time to roll the end of the tip around to locate a sharpened point. Whenever I do not find one, I stand, walk over to my electric sharpener, and once I have inserted the pencil inside, I listen to the sounds of the machine honing a new edge. I smile inwardly for it gives me reason to continue writing, doodling or sketching.

Pencils are one of life’s little pleasures. One I wouldn’t want to be without. The extra allure is their eraser positioned on the opposite tip. Endless possibilities!


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5 responses to “To The Point

  • animalsthatgivepause

    I feel that way about paper sometimes…..not the point and all but the sheer luxury of unused paper, white or off white, to be drawn on or written on, maybe for painting? Just paper….

  • Theresa111

    It is waiting to be more. I wrote a poem and the title is “Blank Paper”. It is on my site a few months back, in the archives.

  • Corinne Rodrigues

    I love the feel of a new note book and some well sharpened pencils…..such promise!

  • pacificmelody

    Well, if I’d known this post contained such raw sensuality……I’d have been here sooner! Since I began writing recently, I’ve done almost all of it on my computer, so I’m not so familiar with some of these fleshly delights. I can see I’ll have to give it a try. I like the way you really get into the writing and the way you’re able to convey that feeling to others. Good work!

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