Transcendental Prayers

“A man helped by a morgue employee looks for a relative between the scores of corpses of people killed in the earthquake laying on the ground at a makeshift morgue in Port-au-Prince. Every five minutes, a vehicle pulls up to the gates of Port-au-Prince’s cemetery, delivering another corpse to a mass grave dug by authorities trying to clear the broken city’s streets of the dead.”  from

(AFP/Juan Barreto)

Hundreds of horrific, heartbreaking and sobering photographs are on the front pages of Yahoo, and as I view them I feel such a sense of impotency and waves of sadness, because no matter how much the rescue workers help, there are so many who need to be reached. They are hanging on to their lives by the thinnest glimmer of hope. I think everyone should go and take a look at the utter devastation which has rocked this tiny nation. Time is running out and we need to continue to donate and pray very hard because our prayers might touch the spirit of someone who lies trapped and they might hold on to our thoughts as a lifeline of hope and faith that soon, someone will pull them from the rubble, too.

Brothers and sisters of Haiti please hold on, please do not despair, please have faith and hope and even through this, please respond with love and try to keep from panicking. I wish I could do more and I light my candles and send out love and strength so that you may survive and be saved.

All you rescue workers and those traveling to Haiti, right now, your work is very difficult and we thank you for your tireless efforts and for giving aid with compassion and love to our Haitian neighbors. I pray for you to be filled with strength and the energy needed to lift up the injured and to locate the trapped. You are heroes.

Another place you can donate is The March of Dimes.


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