Mornings and Musings

As a rule I am not a first thing in the morning eater. I like very hot or icy cold drinks. I’ve been trying to use a lot less sugar in my coffee these days, (since the new year began) and find I really don’t miss the second raw sugar packet very much at all.

I like to look over the Style section of The Washington Post to see what Mooch and Earl have to say. They are always setting good examples for the rest of us and MUTTS must be well received, because it is always one of the featured comic strips that has the ability to make me smile and chuckle and feel good about the world.

Yesterday was an entirely different story. A horrific one. I only had time to glimpse the dire photographs on the front page for me to decide to stay glued to my seat, and continue rallying my Blogging community to join forces and do something. Wednesday’s Style and Food sections lay on the dining room table … untouched.

I didn’t make toast, but I did make coffee, in order to think properly. I finally grabbed something to eat around 7:30 last night and then it was back to the forum, to thank people for listening to my call to help our Haitian brothers and sisters. What I am so concerned with is that this time we do not drop the ball. As a global social network, BlogCatalog and BloggersUnite have brought bloggers together in an effort to reach out. I used Twitter and Facebook, my Gmail and Yahoo mail accounts, my telephone and my face-to-face connections. Helping was the only thing on my mind.

Although I love food and writing about it and featuring it is one of my true interests, I have decided to commit to less fun things and less eating in order to have a portion of my personal funding to specifically go toward assisting Haiti and their people. Were everyone to do something regularly and in small amounts, it surely would impact favorably on those less fortunate.

I want to thank everyone for hearing and acting. I want to pray for everyone who has left their homes and countries to assist in this great time of need. You are unsung heros. Mostly my prayers are for those who were taken, those left to grieve, and the injured who cry out in pain. I bless everyone involved to bring comfort and food and all of the necessary shelter, and to speak soothing words and hold those who need our human touch. Bless you all and please give on a regular basis, because when these supplies run out they assuredly will need more.

Photograph by: Patrice Coppee AFP/Getty Images

Here is the link: Ottowa Citizen


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