How You Can Make A Difference Today

Please call Red Cross 1-800-435-7669 to make your donation to the Red Cross. Our Haitian brothers and sisters need our help right now. Please do not delay. Give Generously so they may purchase food, water, clothing, shelter and provide counseling to those devastated by yesterday’s huge earthquake. Join with Half Hour Meals and BlogCatalog Members and help make a difference right away.

Here is the discussion on

Photos via Yahoo via Associated Press

Here is a link for BloggersUnite


6 thoughts on “How You Can Make A Difference Today

  1. Theresa, this is a wonderful idea to unite to post how to help. I did not hear about this until late last night when I watched the news, and must say, it was difficult to watch without choking up and finding tears in my eyes.
    Thank you for passing on the link to the BlogCatalog discussion, and I will post something similar as well. I have already made a contribution, and hope that I can help to get the word out as well.
    Thank you

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