What’s Lurking Down Under?

Sometimes things don’t get done when you want them to be taken care of. This is the case with the bathroom sinks in our condo. They have been sluggish to the point of contrary, since we moved in almost a year ago. It’s “Honey, please get the tool thing to take off the thing underneath … please?” “Oh, okay, but I don’t have the proper tool,” was the response I would get. He’s a musician, not a plumber, for crying out loud.

My Daddy always used to say that, “For Crying Out Loud,” and I would wonder why. I always wondered why. Most of the time he would answer my numerous questions because he understood what an inquisitive mind I had. He would fix things around the house on Saturdays, and I would tag along and do my utmost to be a good little assistant. He got things done and it still comes as a bit of a shock, even after all these years together, that my husband cannot magically repair things just as my Dad did.

To try to remedy this situation, I would tell him I was going to call the plumber but then he would state a plumber was really expensive, and no, we wouldn’t be calling the plumber. Last night he surprised me by coming home with channel pliers. Now, I could easily see the difference between needle nose pliers, regular pliers, and these big daddy channel pliers. Impressive, and I was certain I would soon be able to run water without half of a sink full, waiting to make a slow journey down the drain. Ten minutes tops, I figured. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Sounds of disgruntled husband were escaping from behind my bathroom door. The door was ajar about six inches, and as I peered inside I could tell he was lying prone. Long legs were stretched out along the wall and the top of his torso was under the sink and half-way out of the cabinet. I heard a bit of grunting and then … “Oh … this stinks!”

I found my way back to my kitchen and continued doing my woman’s work. Soon enough I would be summoned to be his helper, but not until Mr. Yucky and his smelly family had been tossed into a plastic bag and tied shut. I have a gag reflex when it comes to violently disturbing odors. Five minutes later the call came and I went in, armed with paper towels, bathroom bubble cleaner in a spray can, a metal skewer, and Clorox disinfectant wipes. Without ado, I worked furiously, cleaned the pipe and then struggled with the drain stopper as best I could. That stopper refused to be removed. What was that about!

The end result is that after that was fixed and the water went straight down the drain, we had to repeat the process in his bathroom. While we were in the throes of plumbing, I couldn’t help but notice all this stuff, hidden away inside the cabinet. I barely ever use it let alone remember it’s there. Tomorrow I’m going to purge that area.

Mission accomplished. I feel so much better and my guy, he’s still my hero and his ego is restored … it just took a few months to clear out what was lurking down under.


2 thoughts on “What’s Lurking Down Under?

  1. Aww. Way to go him! Don’t feel too bad about how long it took him. It took my fiance 5 months past “Showing me how” to change the oil to get the drift that…yeah…I’m not gonna do it.

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