My Drink Of Choice

Catherine, LadyGourmet, (see side bar) Living the Gourmet, told me about this concoction and I have been drinking it ever since.

1/2 Cranberry Juice

1/2 Seltzer Water

1/2 Lemon Juice

1 inch Grated Ginger

2 oz Honey

Stir together and sip. It smells sweet and earthy, is beneficial for your kidneys, stomach, and urinary tract. It tastes very pleasant and it leaves your breath sweet and gingery. Thanks ever so much Catherine! I met her at Half Hour Meals.


2 thoughts on “My Drink Of Choice

  1. That sounds so yummy and I just bought some more ginger yesterday. Its so hard to find pure cranberry juice in the shops though, I will have to order some online and try this 😀

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