Back In The Day

When we were going through the boxes in the basement, I found that this album cover, along with many family photographs, books and other albums, had been salvaged from the fiasco of the water under the door, flood back in February 2003. Even my high school prom photos were messed up. Oh well. I spilt tears back then but I am glad for what was saved.

This album was recorded at Power Station, in Manhattan, New York City, NY. I performed with Big Al Downing, Don’s brother, Don Downing and the twins. Ann and Marie worked with them for years, and I stepped in after Ann had borne her beautiful baby son. We traveled a lot and did five to six nights a week in night clubs and usually, one floor show per night, too. We covered mostly top forty tunes (dance music) and sang the originals from the brothers’ respective albums. We rehearsed more than any other group I had been involved with and we performed as a tight-knit unit. We had a blast.

I stayed with this act for a year just prior to meeting my husband. His partner had come to see the show and invited me to record with him and Joe. Sure thing! That’s how it was back in the day, when everyone wore tall shoes and even though I looked sort of tallish it was because I was wearing five inch-heels. It was very hot under the lights and our faces were a tad shiny, not to mention the orange light. My nephew (also a musician and recording artist) found this link I didn’t even know about.


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