The Twelfth Day of Christmas

Japonaise Praline Gateau

2  9″ japonaise or dacquoise round  disks, fully baked (see below)

1  9″ 1/2″ slice genoise cake

1/2 butter cream recipe

3 T praline paste (to taste)

2 cups rum syrup = simple syrup 1 part sugar x 1 part water boiled then add dark rum

3 c toasted sliced almonds

pink fondant for decor


1) Anchor nut meringue to plate.  Spritz with rum syrup.

2) Spread praline butter cream over bottom layer.

3) Spritz genoise both sides and place onto filling.

4) Add another layer of praline butter cream.

5) Cover with top layer of nut meringue.

6) Ice the cake with butter cream.

7) Pat toasted sliced almonds covering sides and top of cake.

8 ) Pipe pink fondant on top and center of cake.  Add a cherry if desired.

Yield 20 slices.  Serve fresh.

Meringue / Japonaise

This is a nut meringue which is dry on the outside and inside as well.  It is used as a cookie, decor in cakes or included in other recipes.

Room temperature all ingredients:

8 oz egg whites strained

8 oz sugar


4 oz sugar

4 oz almond flour (succes) or hazelnut flour (progres)

2 oz A. P. flour

1) Sift dry ingredients into a bowl and set aside.

2) Whip egg whites and sugar to stiff French.

3) Fold in light into heavy and heavy into light.

4) Pipe #5 tube 8″ disks onto parchment lined sheet pans.

Bake 350º for 20 minutes…reduce temperature to 300 for 40 minutes.  Cool on rack.  It is better to use the meringue in a recipe the next day.

Store stacked in freezer for up to a month. Wrap in plastic wrap.

Variations: Rothchilds pipe very small cigar shapes, bake, cool then fill with ganache placing another cookie atop it as a covering.  Sponge Buttons are piped domes which after baking are cooled and filled with ganache and topped with another dome.

Note* For more recipes leave me a message here or in my Blogcatalog Shout Box.


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