Many people are drawn, as I am, to lighthouses. They are a beacon to the mariner and a lifeguard for those trying to find their way safely to shore. I thought I would share mine with you, because even though I am not near the ocean or traveling in a boat, there are times that I do feel lost at sea. Navigating life and those about me can always bring me that well recognized feeling of angst or nervousness. Holidays tend to be these types of days which leaves its imprint on my psyche. Too much stress … too much trying to please others.

This year I have a more definite plan to help me not repeat things which gives me feelings of being overwhelmed or stressed. I have decided to remove myself altogether from the equation. I’ll allow everyone else to do their part and if I feel so inclined, I will pitch in, much as they did, but this time it will be in reverse. There. This is a better scenario.

2009 was a whopper of vast proportions and at times I did doubt I would survive its trials and tribulations. But thanks to faith and some fabulous friends, everything has turned out very well indeed. Balance has been restored and my body, which had been wound up tighter than a spinning top, is in the process of letting me know just how unhealthy all this makes me. Time to slow down and smell those roses.

That is my resolution, to take things more in stride, relax and smile a lot more. I turn on my little lighthouse to remind me to stay focused on only the good things. To remind me to do my best and to stay calm, serene and to exercise. I began walking on my Gazelle this afternoon, and the result was a glad feeling of overall well-being.

One more item that is important. No more unrealistic expectations of myself, my husband and family, my friends, business partners or anyone one I come in contact with, because this way, I won’t become angry or disappointed when any of us does not live up to my high standards or goals. It’s a win-win- situation for everyone.


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6 responses to “Lighthouses

  • Koreen

    Excellent advice for the new year. The holidays can be stressful, and the lighthouse metaphor is a beautiful inspiration to bring in a decade of optimism.

  • ladygourmet

    I agree with you Theresa and I am sure so many others do also.
    I think it helps to read what others feel, that so many of us are not alone in our thoughts about our travels through life. When we read the advice and thoughts of others it throws us a life ring to hold on to. Telling us that we are not alone in our feelings, that we need to focus and listen to the little voice inside. Blessings to you.

    • Theresa111

      Catherine, You are a joy and so many of us are a bit timid about letting down our hair and letting off a bit of steam. When I bottle it inside I become frantic and clogged up and unfortunately, unhappy. I really want to be charming and wholesome and the perfect host or person. Sometimes trying to please others is harder than it looks.

  • pacificmelody

    Hello, Little Sister. I am continuing to simplify my life – no more being owned by my possessions – and it’s working.

    For you, from “Desiderata”, “Beyond a wholesome discipline, be gentle with yourself.”

    Love you more this year than last. Melody

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