Julie and Julia

Even though I have had a love and feel a true affinity for this woman ever since she blundered onto the TV instructional screen, I hold her in high regard and esteem. Julia Child is a food icon! She was a woman determined to dogmatically present her love of French food to the American audience, but thankfully her erstwhile sweetness always emanated from her very, if large, being. She was a lady who reached through the tube to teach us that, yes, we also could do these things. We could prepare true French cuisine for our families, too.

We went to the cinema when this film was released this past summer, at our neighborhood theatre. Even my husband laughed spontaneously and was equally delighted by the performances of Meryl Streep and Amy Adams. Miss Adams played, Julie Powell, the blogger genius, who cooked her way through Julia Child’s book, “Mastering the Art of French Cooking.” Ms. Streep made me forget that I wasn’t really seeing Julia Child. She was this beloved icon and no one could ever touch her performance. Meryl is mesmerizing to watch, no matter what her role, and I have watched almost all of them. Amy brought such an earthiness and believability to her performance, that I immediately liked the real Julie Powell and could easily identify with her longing to write, her love of Julia Child and her cooking these recipes.

Stanley Tucci was a perfectly cast Paul Child and his and Julia’s relationship made this Dame real and even more lovable. Their mutual affection was inspiring and delightful to watch. I never really knew much about Mr. Child other than the fact that he died about fifteen years ago. It was enlightening to see a glimpse into their personal lives.

Julie Powell’s’ husband, Eric, was portrayed by actor, Chris Messina. I think I have seen him in some other films, but am not sure. He was very supportive in his role and was quite good, too.

My eldest sister gifted me with this DVD for Christmas and I watched it Monday evening. I teared up at the end …  again and I fully intend to view it later this evening. When a movie is this good, I must watch it again and again, to be certain I have missed nothing.

This is a film worth watching and performances worthy of winning awards. I highly recommend Julie and Julia and want to tell Julie Powell, thank you, thank you for writing such a great book.

My next eldest sister, told me when she dropped by Monday night to pick up some Pistachio Floating Island dessert, that one time, while she was working for Amtrak, she sat next to Julia Child on a train trip! Next to her! She even assisted her by carrying her bags. Well, what do you know! Wow!


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