New Year’s Eve Blue Moon

As a special treat for those with clear skies, together Mother Earth and The Man in the Moon have decided to present us Earthlings with a Blue Moon. No … the moon does not exhibit any type of bluish hue either. It means that during this month of December, we will get two full moons. What a cool way to bring in the new year 2010.

Do you all recall how much hoopla was made over year Y2000? There was so much frenzy about how all of the world’s computers were going to crash and we might never recover all of the data we had stupidly ignored leaving a paper trail about. It was neat that we saw another century end and the beginning of another. Pretty much though is was an anti-climax. Systems did not crash and data was saved and the next day was cold and a regular January 1st.

Tomorrow evening, I hope will be a good celebration for those choosing to party, but for those of us who are relaxing, after the last six weeks of presents, cooking, baking, gatherings and traveling, I find staying home is just what the doctor ordered. Rest, relaxation, being cozy and toasting the incoming year will be a sweet way to … well … be. No stress.

Happy New Year to everyone listening and everyday I think we should eash of us do something nice for someone who not only needs a little hand up, but to those who do not realize they either need or deserve a bit of special treatment. Pass along goodness and goodness cannot help but be returned to you. And, who knows, you might just deserve it too.

We’ll see … tonight.


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