Wondering About Boxing Day

I have always wondered about boxing day. This is a shot of my desk from across the loft, where my studio is situated. Funnily enough it is right next to some boxes, which we still need to go through and organize or shred the contents. More dreaded paperwork and receipts. I still have my first 1040 tax form, from my very first job. I was sixteen and a lifeguard. Actually, I had to get a work permit as I was fifteen in June and turned sixteen in August. I didn’t earn much money, but I sported a glorious tan that summer.

I tend to keep papers I haven’t needed for years. We have ten boxes to sort through between now and Wednesday. We made a pact, not to begin next year with any of these unnecessary, old documents. It will be yet another huge relief to rid ourselves of this stuff.

So, getting back round to boxing day, I keep thinking about it as a day of sports, of two men boxing. That isn’t it. It is when the lord of the manor would give his servants a box, the day after Christmas. Usually, it contained cake or a few coins and sometimes a particular object, especially for one of their workers, who might have done something special for their mistress or master.

A little friend of mine has the right idea. Her name is Daisy and she exhibits what comes to mind, whenever I hear the words Boxing Day.


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