I’m Dreaming of A White Christmas

Real christmas tree, originally uploaded by Gudmann.

We finally got our tree today and it was just waiting for us to find him. I can imagining him saying, “Glad these two knuckleheads finally showed up, I have been buried by the snow for two days or more!”

There was our tree alright. Covered three-quarters of the way with snow and only the top portion sticking out. My husband didn’t want to be bothered because it had too much snow on top of it. I fully admit that I was a bit dogmatic and undiplomatic about it. Okay, I was emphatic that this tree was ours, so I jumped into the pile of the undisturbed white stuff and started shaking the tree by wrapping my hand around the trunk. I shook and then I shoveled scoops of snow with my gloved hands.

It didn’t take long before Joe got into the mood and pulled the tree free, to stand it upon the concrete. We were at Home Depot. We bought our beautiful, perfect tree for $30.00 and change.

After Joe carried it up four flights of stairs, we vacuumed the rug and moved things about in order to position it in just the right spot. I had purchased some brand new big fat colored lights. (I am grinning from ear-to-ear) Joe got the surge protector extension and I hurriedly wrapped the colored globes about the branches. One-two-three … Lights! Beautiful lights.

Well, we turned them off because Joe said the tree will drink a lot of water, about a gallon within the first 24 hours, and we want it to be feeling full before we turn them on again.

I am so happy. I love this time of year and soon it will be time to read all of my babies the Christmas story.


2 thoughts on “I’m Dreaming of A White Christmas

  1. My dear sweet VIVACIOUS friend. This is sooooooooooo beauti9ful. I just LOVE you spontaneity and determination to stick to what you believe in and want…..like THIS tree. NOT another tree, but THIS tree. And then upon resistance you dive into the fray and start shaking and shoveling and I am laughing my head off and simply HUGGING you for being who you are. I guess because I am the SAME way. And you confirm and strengthen a part of me and teach me to buckle in the face of someone elses “huh, I don’t think so….” energy. Even when it is someone we love dearly. And it teaches me that by being our spontaneous and vivacious selves that we encourage other who love us to be the same.

    You are very very precious and sooooo filled with life and love and all things good. It is an honor to have your life touch mine. I always smile when I see you. No matter how far between out connections, we are always connected.

    Know that I am thinking of you and sening lots of love and huge hug. I wish such a joy-filled and happy and laughing and delicious holiday season. I am SO SO glad you got THIS tree and not THAT tree. LOL!! Thank you for including me in a part of your life. You’ve kept me going more times than you might know. Love, Robin

  2. Robin,

    I am rewarded that you feel all these good things for and about me. Thank you. Coming from a woman like you only makes the words perfectly special. In fact, you always uplift me when I need it most You have just the right words and you are one of the most generous ladies on the planet. People, places, plants and animals all feel connected to you.

    Please Robin … never change because I love you just the way you are! Cheers from up above to down under!


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