What A Relief!

As many of you know we just sold our home of twenty years. While it was on the market, my husband would visit the property almost every day and make sure everything was intact and secure. He fed a black cat and a light grey tabby, plus a large orange tabby we had named Charley. We had been receiving visits from Charley for over four years. In-the-middle-of-the-night-Charley. We weren’t going to let him starve, so we fed him.

Last February, Joe noticed these two showing up and asking for food, which he gave them. Everyday.  By summer he said that he thought the little grey one might be pregnant. Sure enough he was correct and soon after, she disappeared for a few days. When he finally saw her again she was scrawny … a new mother. She ate for two and we worried because now we had to catch not one big orange cat but a family of five, as it turned out.

About two months ago, the mother cat disappeared never to return and one of her three kittens, the calico, stopped coming by sometime in late October. This left the two other kittens, one lightish grey and the other completely black, just like the father.

At settlement, the new owners were made aware of the situation and have kindly allowed us access to their property to trap and remove the kittens and cats. Last night with temperatures dipping down to 24º we caught both kittens. We took them to our friend who rescues felines. Today they had examinations, tested negative for hiv feline lukemia aids, were altered, received shots and de-flea, deworming applications. Thank you God they’re healthy.

Now, she told me she will hold on to them for a few days to see if she thinks they are adoptable. The little grey one allowed me to scratch her head while she was eating alongside the father cat. We didn’t have the wherewithal to get them then, because we did not want to leave the other little one by herself. We were told to get both kittens and then the father cat. So that is why it took eleven days to get them together. It was a lot of cold nights waiting for this to occur.

Newsflash: Just in, husband phoned and he got the father and he is taking him to where the kittens are! Now, he is quite friendly. We need him to test negative and get the works and get adopted. Three down (just a saying), one to go. Come on Charley!

Thank you for all of the prayers and good wishes. We love animals and have helped them since we married. What a team!


3 thoughts on “What A Relief!

  1. wow, what a story?
    I have to say that animal rescue is not for the faint of heart. It takes patience and dedication. I’m so glad these guys are off the street and fixed.

    Two cats can so easily become thirty. Great job!

  2. Thanks you two. I love the work on both of your blogs and count you as friends, because we just love our animal babies. Three, with one to go. Hopefully the father cat and Charley will test negative. Giving them a chance is a chance worth taking. I thank God He gave us generous hearts. I wish that everyone were able to be the same.

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