Saturday Morning

Saturday morning and we will be drinking our French Roast coffee and eating a pastry. We wait until the weekend to eat them because then we feel as if we are having a treat. We eat pancakes about twice a month and bowls of cereal a few times a month. My favorite is an all out three egg, over light, breakfast with sides of meat and fluffy yet crispy hash browns. Chipped beef gravy or creamed chipped beef is one of my favorite things, a biscuit on the side and I like to eat it with a spoon.

The first time I recall eating this was when I was four and we were living on Staten Island. We were there for 3 1/2 years. My Father, who was such a wonderful cook, would take his time preparing this recipe. He shared that if he did not cook the milk long enough, it might make my tummy hurt. The old army term was SOS. I shan’t explain. But he cooked it to a boil and turned the flame down. He allowed it to softly boil for a full eight minutes as he stirred it. Back then he added an ingredient called ACCENT, which is MSG. I used to use it too, for many years, until one day I began having heart palpitations after ingesting it. I later found out MSG was used in many foods, especially Chinese food, which I dearly love. End result is that I finally gave it up.

Breakfast is so varied and consists of anything from a cup of tea, coffee, milk or juice, to the full monty. I have heard it said that it is the most important meal of the day. Lately I have been eating later and later and feeling shaky. I have, over the past few days eaten breakfast, just a small amount in order to feel balanced. I found the food kept the shakiness at bay and my day went much smoother. Hey. The body needs fuel.  

Today it is going to snow and it is one of my favorite things to see. It will be the first time I have been somewhere other than our house that we sold last week. That place looked almost magical when we had a good amount of snow. Here … let me show you some photos.

I hope I won’t miss it too much, but here we are now in a cool place. We have skylights and a balcony so we can watch the snowflakes and drink our coffee and eat our croissants or danish. We are fortunate in our friendship, our families, our marriage and our lives.

The moral to this story is to eat a breakfast, even if it is a small one. Don’t give yourself treats everyday or you might not appreciate them and to stop and watch the snowflakes. Did you know no two are ever alike?


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