Thursdays Are Great

Do not ever stand too close!

I like this photograph because it reminds me that we are riding on on a living planet. It reminds me that Thursdays are the prelude to Fridays, which is the beginning of the weekend and it heralds staying up later than usual on a weeknight because Friday is one day more to work through before the weekend gets here.

Late last night we had a swift but forceful rain storm pass through. It was the non-scary kind, so I was enjoying snuggling down beneath the covers. I felt secure. I felt safe. The sound of the rain on the rooftop and as it pelted the windows and skylights lulled me back to sleep. This morning when I threw open the windows, the air was clean and crisp.

We just downsized from 4,800 Square Foot house, to a perfect 1,500 Square Foot condo. It has just the right amount of space and further discourages random purchases and to begin the final purge of belongings and things we have stored over the past 25 years. We fully intend to get rid of the trappings and to release usable items and those which are perfect but of no real interest any longer, to those who might wish to have them. It is a blessing to share and a curse to hold onto these objects any longer. I choose freedom.

Next week, Bloggers Unite is sponsoring two events which are close to my heart. One is for Human Rights and the second is for Animal Rights. It takes the world to come together for those who cannot speak for themselves or who lack the freedom to do so. It takes a small effort of each of us to purge how we feel about the ones who take advantage of the downtrodden. Come join with bloggers around the world to write this December 10th. Make a difference and your heart will feel glad.


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